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PUMA-CRETE® urethane concrete and mortar flooring meets the demanding needs of industrials facilities, processors, and USPS workroom floors. It has proven itself for decades.

Our “workhorse” system is called  PUMA-CRETE ECO® .  This heavy duty cement based urethane is typically trowel or screed applied at 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness.  This is a true one-pass system.  It is one continuous monolithic material, from the surface down to the concrete substrate. This is the most durable seamless flooring anywhere…it is designed for the toughest environments. Harsh traffic loading, scraping, and impact.  It handles extreme thermal shock and thermal cycling, both indoors and out. Due to the combination of a tough stone aggregate and pliable urethane binder, it provides years of trouble free service in the most difficult environments.

Fast Turnaround

PUMA-CRETE ECO®  has an exclusive one pass application, and fast 12-24 hour curing (depending on temperature).

Exclusive Water Based System

Since it is a water based system, Puma-Crete may be installed at temperatures as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It also acts as an effective vapor mitigation system for concrete moisture, handling up to 12 lbs of moisture vapor emissions.

Slip resistance

Slip resistance is achieved through a standard matte finish. Surface texture can also be customized, to meet the slip resistance requirements of your industry and the specific area within your facility.  Texture may be range from very smooth, to extreme non-slip for oils, fats, and other food products requiring aggressive textured anti-slip flooring.  This is the only floor that has a “built-in permanent non-skid texture” (it never loses its anti-slip properties).