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PUMA-CRETE® - Urethane Cement Flooring


Enhanced resistance to Chips, Spalls/Impact

pumaCRETE® 300 and 400 series flooring handles repetitive scraping and scratching and wear, better than competitive systems.

Permanent Non-Slip Texture

pumaCRETE® 300 and 400 series retains its texture, even as it wears.

Resistant to Thermal Shock & Cycling

Withstands hot spills and repeated thermal cycling (hot washdowns, steam cleaning, etc.) without breaking down from -50 to +250 deg. F.

Virtually No Odor During Installation

During installation, pumaCRETE® has no VOC emissions that can disturb nearby workers, or taint your raw materials or finished product.

Chemical Resistance

Excellent resistance to most solvents, acids and alkalis.

Long Term Durability

Systems are designed for long term durability. Customized solutions may be designed to meet your area needs.

Available in ESD and Conductive

Many pumaCRETE® systems are available in static dissipative and conductive flooring.

USDA / SQF Approved

For food and beverage processing floors, pumaCRETE® meets USDA and SQF requirements for seamless resinous flooring.

Moisture Tolerant

pumaCRETE® 300 and 400 series systems may be applied over damp surfaces, and withstand up to 25 lbs of vapor emissions passing thru the concrete slab, without delaminating, blistering, or cracking (Many competitive systems are rated <5 lbs).

Cool Temperature Installation

pumaCRETE® 300 and 400 series systems may be installed outdoors, and in areas as low as 35 degrees F.

Anti Microbial

PUMA-CRETE® does not support the growth of mold or bacteria.

Fast Turn-Around

401-HF pumaCRETE is a one-pass screed/mortar system. Most Projects can be completed quickly, with limited costly downtime.