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AGV Floor

Autonomous Guided Vehicle Flooring

AGV’s are becoming increasingly common in warehouses, logistics and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and worldwide. AGV’s can improve productivity and lower operating costs in many facilities. As technology advances, the return on investment shall continue to decline.

Floors in AGV areas require a durable, smooth and continuous, flat surface. The surface must also stand up to repeated abrasion from the hard urethane wheels. AGV’s usually follow identical paths which concentrates wear on specific areas.

Dips in the floor need to be raised up and levelled. High points may need to be grinded flat, to accommodate the wheel tolerances.

Wheels of the AGV’s need to roll smoothly over floor joints. The joints need to be filled properly with a flexible, high performance joint filler. Otherwise, the small wheels with heavy loads can break or spall the edges of the joints, causing jolting and damage to wheels (or other parts on the AGV).

Some AGV’s require a conductive surface to prevent build-up of static, to protect sensitive electronic components from damage due to static. A conductive floor prevents buildup of potentially dangerous static charges on the vehicle.

PumaCRETE AGV flooring is customized to your project, and can help protect your investment in your AGV or AMR system.
PumaCRETE’s certified installer network can provide a professional turn key installation for your AGV floor areas, to meet your needs.


PumaCRETE flooring is installed by a nationwide network of certified installers.  They can turnaround your area quickly, in many instances.

Contact us with the form below, for consultation on your AGV or AMR flooring project.

If you are interested in self installation:
PumaCRETE can provide low cost on site trainers, assistance with surface preparation, specialty supplies, tools/equipment, videos, and other training resources, for a trouble-free installation.


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